Outpatient Joint Replacement


A New Approach to Hip & Knee Replacement

Dr. Bernard has subspecialty training in hip and knee reconstruction, has authored multiple articles and has presented at local and national conferences. He is committed to alleviating pain in those with degenerative joint diseases of the hip and knee.

This is a program that was born out of my vision for what is clinically possible. It balances the type of patient centered care that I would offer to my family, with an evidenced-based approach to improve and expedite the patients recovery. It is made possible by utilizing all of the latest tools available today. – Matthew Bernard, MD

Emerging Technology

Preoperative Screening
A rigorous series of screening tools are utilized to determine each patient’s likelihood of complications and then a care plan is developed to minimize the patient’s risks.

Patient Specific Instrumentation for Knees
Traditionally, an alignment rod was temporarily placed inside the thigh bone through a hole drilled in the end of the bone to gain appropriate placement of the new knee. In most cases, this is no longer necessary. Now an MRI scan can help build each patient custom cutting jigs to gain proper alignment. This allows for a less invasive approach which translates into quicker recovery.

Computer Based Templating for Hips
The patient’s hip x-ray is loaded into a program where several implants are trialed to ensure that the proper type and size match the specific anatomy of each patient. This process restores the patient’s hip mechanics and leg length.


No Staples

New suture materials and dressings allow for a shower the day of surgery.

Blood Management

Newly available medication and techniques allow most patients to avoid blood transfusions.

Pain Management

We utilize a new multimodal approach that champions individual patient centered choices. With regional anesthesia, the patient does not have to have general anesthesia and no longer needs IV pain medication. This allows the patient to walk within hours of surgery.

Coordination of Services in Advance

Preplanning the patient’s preoperative rehab and care plan allows for a seamless transition from surgery, to home, to rehab, and to return to a normal lifestyle.

Financial Counseling

When insurance benefits are used to help develop each patient’s care plan preoperatively, no surprises should occur.


Fast Track Outpatient

Hip and knee replacement can be safely performed in the morning and the patient will be home for rehab before dinner with family.

Fast Track +1 Night

This track has all of the benefits of Same Day surgery with one night of in hospital observation to allow for adjustment in pain management and to check on any medical condition before discharge to home the next morning.


This is reserved for patients who carry significant medical conditions that require in hospital monitoring and adjustment by a physician. This plan also accommodates those whose insurances require them to stay in the hospital for three nights in order to go to their inpatient rehab of choice.


1. Happy Patient
2. Personalized Care
3. Early return to life and work
4. Success in changing medical environment