CSMO’s Golf Fitness Program helps golfers of all skill levels maximize performance by improving movement patterns used in their golf swing. Our TPI certified expert identifies imbalances in a golfer’s swing, which keep them from reaching their full potential. The program also assists golfers in their understanding of how fitness impacts their overall golf game and can help build strength, endurance and improve mobility.

Every golf analysis includes a comprehensive physical screening combined with a video analysis of the individual’s golf swing. The screen consists of 11 tests to identify areas of the body that are not functionally optimally to produce the most efficient golf swing.

Video analysis is used to identify certain characteristics in a golf swing, and the physical screen is reviewed to determine which deficits could be leading to those characteristics. After identifying specific deficits, a customized program – including corrective exercise recommendations – is developed to improve strength, flexibility and endurance.

A 90-minute golf analysis and instruction session costs $150 and is available at our North Georgia office. Call CSMO’s physical therapy department at (423) 624-2696 to schedule an appointment.


Zach Beene, MSPT

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Golf Fitness Instructor and Physical Therapist

CSMO’s Golf Fitness Program includes:

  • Full Physical Screen
  • Swing Analysis
  • Report of Findings
  • Golf Fitness Recommendations and Fitness Program