Diagnostic imaging is a critical tool for an accurate diagnosis of orthopaedic conditions and Center for Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics is proud to offer state of the art digital imaging to our valued patients on site.

Our Signa GE 1.5 Tesla MRI technology is used in orthopaedics to identify subtle soft tissue abnormalities in the musculoskeletal and nervous systems and is the study of choice to detect sports injuries involving tendon and ligament damage.


Center for Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics maintains accreditation in MRI Services by the American College of Radiology (ACR).

The 34,000 members of the American College of Radiology include radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical physicists, interventional radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians. For over three quarters of a century, the ACR has devoted its resources to making imaging safe, effective and accessible to those who need it.

The mission of the ACR is to serve patients and society by maximizing the value of radiology, radiation oncology, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine and medical physics by advancing the science of radiology, improving the quality of patient care, positively influencing the socio-economics of the practice of radiology, providing continuing education for radiology and allied health professions and conducting research for the future of radiology.

Digital X-Rays (PACS)

Digital X-Ray technology gives Center for Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics a competitive advantage and provides the high quality patient experience CSMO patients have come to expect.

The Digital X-Ray Systems at Center for Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics produce higher quality images that make a meaningful difference in diagnosis, time savings, and provide physicians and support staff more time for patient care. Our GE Centricity PACS-IW System (Pictorial Archiving and communication Systems) allows the physician to enhance the image in contrast, brightness, and magnification providing an “HD like” view of the area of concern.

These digital systems have the ability to store the images on CD’s so patient’s can easily keep their MRI and X-Ray’s with their records.

Center for Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics is staffed with certified radiology technologist’s RT(R) who have been specially trained in MR imaging.