Recovery Made Simple

It’s vital to care for your body from a holistic perspective. C4 Sports Therapy performance optimization services help you recover faster, feel better in your body, and stay on top of your game – no matter your current fitness level or goals.

C4 performance coaches use a combination of brain-body connections, range of motion, stability, speed and power, and functional and corrective techniques to bring balance to the body.

Massage + Cupping + Stretching + Compression Boots  

Recovery services can benefit anyone who: 

  • Experiences lingering soreness
  • Routinely “tweaks” their back
  • Experiences frequent strains
  • Needs support for nutritional and hydration goals
  • Has plateaued in speed or strength
  • Needs physical TLC

Whether you’re looking to manage repetitive physical stress from training, prevent injury or enhance your overall performance, C4’s recovery services will help you achieve these goals. Click here to purchase C4 recovery services.

C4 Recovery FAQs

Immediate change, improvement in pain, mobility, flexibility and the knowledge of how to take better care of your body.

Recovery isn’t just for injured athletes. It the best way to keep yourself from injury while continuing to perform at your best.

Although recovery support is critical after injury, you don’t need a referral for performance or recovery services.

C4 Sports Therapy performance and recovery programs are individually tailored and customized to you and for you. If you take care of your body, it will take care of you.

Amy Ketron, MSA, ATC, CEAS
Performance & Recovery Specialist

Call (423) 713-5639 to schedule a recovery session with Amy today or click here to purchase per session or monthly packages.