Prehab: Pre-Operative Physical Therapy

The purpose of rehabilitation after joint replacement is to regain mobility and strength to allow you to return to normal activities. One way Center for Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics supports total joint replacement patients is through pre-operative physical therapy classes.

Pre-operative physical therapy, or prehab, helps patients improve strength, flexibility, balance and overall physical health before surgery. Because knee and hip strength is a good indicator of your ability to perform normal, daily activities, building strength before surgery can help you get through recovery more easily.

Prehab classes for total joint replacement are scheduled by your surgery scheduler are held at CSMO therapy departments at our McCallie, Atrium, Cleveland, Hixson and North Georgia locations. It’s recommended that you attend prehab classes with a family member or friend who can assist you through the recovery process.

Prehab Topics

  • Arthritis and joint diseases
  • Knee and hip strengthening exercises
  • Range of motion exercises
  • What to expect after surgery
  • Movement guidance – including performing transfers, sitting to stand, and standing to sit
  • Proper use of assistive devices including walkers or canes