Consult a Trusted Chattanooga Orthopedic Surgeon to Assess Hip Pain

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Hip osteoarthritis becomes more common as people age because through the years, the cartilage that acts as padding between the hip joint and the bone undergoes wear and tear. According to, younger people may experience this condition as well:

[Femoral acetabular impingement or FAI] occurs when the ball of the femur doesn’t fit perfectly into the hip socket. It can be caused by misshapen bones, spurs that develop over time or activities that damage the labrum, or cartilage that seals the socket.

High levels of activities such as soccer, basketball, field and ice hockey, martial arts, yoga, dance, cycling and rowing can cause the plate to fuse in an abnormal shape and lead to FAI.

While the teenage years are the ideal time to develop the talents of young athletes, the constant movement in their joints may affect the strength and development of their hips. As a result, young athletes may not be able to continue playing their sport because of chronic pain. If the condition worsens, it can affect the daily activities of such individuals, such as taking showers or dressing up.

Athletes who are experiencing pain around the hip area should consult a renowned Chattanooga orthopedic physician immediately to assess what needs to be done to alleviate discomfort. They should seek professional help once they notice the early symptoms of hip osteoarthritis or FAI to prevent the condition from worsening. Once doctors diagnose hip conditions, they can recommend rehabilitation to resolve pain so the patients can improve their quality of life.

If the pain has become so severe that the patient can’t function normally, they may need to undergo hip replacement surgery from noted Chattanooga orthopedic surgeons, such as those from the Center for Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics. After the operation, they should be able to increase their mobility due to the decrease in pain. Moreover, they must undergo extensive post-operative exercises so the area can heal properly.

No athlete has to endure chronic pain, even if it is for the love of the game. The moment active individuals experience pain, they should consult physicians who specialize in orthopaedic care immediately to avoid compromising their athletic careers.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Don’t Ignore Hip Pain: Impingement a Growing Problem Among Young, Active; ScienceDaily; December 2, 2013)