Lower Extremity Functional Movement & Return-To-Activity Testing


What will Functional Movement and/or Return-To-Activity consist of?
During testing, a Physical Therapist will assess your balance, functional movement (whole body), and jumping ability (when appropriate). These activities will be assessed using the Functional Movement Screen, Y-Balance Test and Hop Testing. Hop Tests will only be administered with your doctors approval and if your activity includes jumping.

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What is the purpose of these tests?
We are assessing how your whole body moves after injury. These important movement patterns often change after injury and may leave you at risk – even if pain has subsided. Ensuring you are able to perform the basic movement patterns is an important step in the rehab process and ensuring future wellness.

How is risk level calculated?
CSMO utilizes a research-supported algorithm called Move2Perform that considers your scores from Functional Movement Screen, Y-Balance Test, Hop Testing, age, gender, sport/activity and activity intensity level.


Will my doctor be notified of my results?
Yes. You and your doctor will receive the results and use them to identify potential risk of (re)injury and create a custom plan for minimizing future risks.

Will I have follow-up testing?
Follow-up testing may be recommended based on your initial performance and your physician’s preference. Typically, a repeat test will be performed 4-6 weeks after initial assessment. A Physical Therapist will provide corrective exercises to perform independently if appropriate.


If my score indicates I am at higher injury risk, can my score be improved?
Yes. Test results will place you in one of four injury-risk categories: optimal, slight deficit, moderate deficit or significant deficit category. Corrective exercises will be provided to improve your score if you score in the moderate or significant deficit categories. Research shows that individuals in the moderate or significant deficit category are 6x more likely to sustain a non-contact injury during sport/activity causing lost time from sport or requiring medical attention. Improving your movement score will help reduce your injury risk.

What should I wear?
Athletic clothing and athletic shoes.

How long will the visit last?
Your visit will last approximately 1 hour. We recommend that you arrive a few minutes early to your first appointment.

How to schedule?
Your doctor will notify Physical Therapy that you need to be scheduled and we will call you within 2 business days to schedule an appointment.

How is this visit billed?
This will be billed as a Physical Therapy visit. If you have used the maximal number of visits on your insurance, you can self-pay $75 per visit (this is due at time of visit).

Testing Locations

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Hixson PT Office
2051B Hamill Rd
N. Park Plaza, Suite 1000-A
Hixson, TN, 37343
Physician Office Building directly behind Memorial Hixson Hospital
(With Chattanooga Heart Institute) 1st Floor
Phone: 423-624-2696 Ext 7734

Cleveland PT Office
2400 N. Ocoee St.
Cleveland, TN 37311
Phone: 423-624-2696 Ext 7316