CSMO utilizes OrthoBiologics technology to create living, functional tissues to replace or repair tissue that has been lost due to damage, disease, or hereditary defects. For those struggling with limited mobility due to arthritis, injury, tendinopathy (disease of the tendons), or other forms of musculoskeletal inflammation, patients may be able to experience relief and avoid surgery by harnessing the healing potential of their own cells.

Most of the procedures are completed at one of our Surgical locations. However, the PRPs are done in the clinical setting.


For procedures completed at our Surgical centers you will be under a mild anesthetic. PRPs in the office you will be awake, and no anesthetic needed.

No. Commercial insurance companies deem OrthoBiologic procedures as an elective procedure and investigational and therefore do not cover these procedures.

Yes. OrthoBiologic procedures conducted by CSMO are safe. Patient safety is our top priority.

We will set up a consultation with one of our OrthoBiologic physicians who will go through an examination and current X-rays. Our physicians will then provide you with the best treatment options for you.

Yes. It is recommended that you stop taking any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) 2-3 weeks before and after the procedure. These medications work by blocking the activity of the growth factors in PRP and may decrease its effectiveness. Tylenol, however, works in a different way and may be used before or after the procedure.

4-6 weeks typically

CSMO offers several OrthoBiologic options. Please contact us at (423) 697-8780 to discuss these options and what will fit your individual needs.

Yes. Care Credit provides our patients the option to make monthly payments on any out of pocket expenses. Learn More at CreditCare.com.