Referral Test 1

Have a referral for us?

At Center for Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics, we sincerely appreciate every referral we receive.

For the most efficient and timely scheduling, our referral process is set up so that referrals sent to us are going to a dedicated line. We make every effort to schedule appointments within 24 hours of receipt and often the same day.

Once we confirm an appointment for the patient, we will notify you based on your preferred communication (fax or email).

We have a dedicated phone, with priority routing to answer questions for our referring offices. Our direct line is 423-493-0620.

The link for the referral form is below and can be printed off, filled in and faxed or filled in and emailed to ______________.

Faxed referrals must include:

  • Complete patient demographic information
  • Complete patient insurance information
  • The reason for referral
  • The physician requested
  • Any supporting medical notes and images
  • Your email address for all practice referral email correspondence

Our referral fax number is (423) 493-0639.

Thank you. We look forward to a great referral relationship with you!