Reliable Cleveland Orthopedic Surgeons Can Eliminate Chronic Hip Pain

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If you are experiencing chronic pain in the hip that prevents you from doing your daily activities, you may need to see an orthopedic doctor about hip replacement in Chattanooga, Cleveland, or anywhere near your area. This becomes necessary when the pain keeps you up at night, no matter what kind of treatment you undergo. An article discusses hip replacement surgery, the conditions it deals with, and the devices and processes involved:

When a hip replacement is performed, the bone and cartilage on the ball-and-socket hip joint is removed. This is performed using precise instruments to create surfaces that can accommodate the implant perfectly. An artificial hip replacement implant is then placed in to function as a new hip joint.

Despite the method’s guaranteed safety, however, many are still reluctant to resort to hip replacement due to several known risks, and possibly the high cost. Considering that the hip is located at a very critical part of the body, that is along the path of the nervous system, simple manipulation or replacement of existing parts can be very dangerous to any patient, let alone the replacement material to be installed may not be safe. Some of the risks or side effects identified by specialists are blood clots, fracture, dislocation, and joint stiffening.

On the other hand, the article explains that over 90% of the patients who have undergone the procedure have good results, which means the chance of restoring chronic pain and injury in the hip is highly possible. Moreover, serious and major medical complications happen only to 1.0 percent of all the patients or less, and mostly for extraordinary reasons.

The success of your hip replacement surgery will depend on the reliability of your orthopedic surgeon. Well-trained and highly experienced Chattanooga and Cleveland orthopedic surgeons can ensure a high success rate and minimal side effects. Trusted health care providers like Center for Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics guarantee their patients of the safety of their treatment. By working with a doctor who is committed to helping you resume your regular activities, you don’t have to endure persistent pain in your hip area any longer.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Considering Hip Replacement Surgery?,, August 20, 2013)