Avoid Sports Injuries This Season With These Tips

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Now that school is back in session, the high school sports season is once again up and running. As high school athletes train for their sports this fall, it is important to remember that their risk of a sports related injury has increased. During long training sessions and tough, competitive games, young athletes often forget the importance of taking preventative measures to lower their risk of injury. For those who want to make sure they don’t miss out on a single game or practice this fall, here are some tips to help keep high school athletes strong, healthy and injury-free:center for sports medicine and orthopaedics
How to Avoid Sports Injuries

  1. Always Warm Up Before You Work Out – Warm up exercises are one of the most important steps in avoiding an injury. Warming up before more vigorous exercise prepares muscles for the more strenuous activity they are about to endure. As muscles get warmer, they become more flexible, lowering the risk of a tear or over-stretching during a workout.
  2. Don’t Overdo it – Athletes should constantly be aware of their bodies when they are playing a sport or working out. If muscles and joints are starting to hurt, it’s time to rest. Overdoing exercise can lead to serious injuries, which often leads to an athlete taking even more time off from their sport. It is also important to take days off between vigorous workouts or games. The body needs time to recover before it is ready to endure another tough workout.
  3. Don’t Play When Injured- Playing when injured only makes matters worse. The bottom line is that injuries take time to heal. While this means an athlete may miss a couple of games, playing with an injury could potentially put them out for the entire season. Most schools have high school athletic trainers that can provide athletic health care to young athletes when they suffer minor sports injuries.

What if You Sustain a Serious Injury?

Young athletes that sustain a serious injury should make an appointment at a center for sports medicine and orthopaedics. Sports medicine doctors at these facilities can properly diagnose the issue and take the proper steps to healing the injury. Odds are the athlete will be assigned a physical therapist who will give them exercises and stretches to do to help them with the recovery process. A center for sports medicine and orthopaedics can provide a multi-layered approach to diagnosis and recovery of a sports injury.