Why You’ll Benefit from a Sports Medicine Clinic — Even If You Aren’t an Athlete

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The concept behind physical therapy clinics isn’t particularly difficult to understand, but it’s easy to underestimate how beneficial these clinics can be. Newer clinics seem to popping up all over the place under the title of “sports medicine clinic,” causing many people to think that these clinics only have sports medicine programs for serious athletes. In reality, a lot of patients have already benefited from these programs — athletes and non-athletes alike — and new patients are constantly discovering how helpful these programs are.

physical therapy clinicsFirst, these physical therapy clinics offer great programs specifically for athletes, and they’re able to provide patients with a full staff of sports medicine specialists who understand how physically stressful it can be to play a sport regularly. When an injury occurs, these specialists aren’t just focused on helping you heal — they also want to make sure that their patients don’t re-injure themselves.

Second, many patients come to physical therapy clinics after having a surgery, serious illness, or an accident. It’s easy to forget that the surgical process isn’t just about the actual procedure itself — it’s also about the rehabilitation process afterward.

Third, it’s pretty common for patients to seek physical therapy treatment for chronic pain problems that haven’t gone away (or don’t show signs of getting better). And estimated 80% of the American population already has or will struggle with serious back pain at some point, and countless others suffer through other types of chronic pain. Experts have worked hard to create thorough programs with custom physical therapy exercises which can target certain areas of the body, while also making sure that your overall health doesn’t suffer. These exercises include a variety of low-stress and high-stress exercises and stretches, which are all customized to fit your needs.

It’s easy to forget that physical rehabilitation is a long process, and that your body does need some help in order to heal properly — but this requires a precise mix of rest and strength-building exercises. When you’re treated at a professional physical therapy clinic, it doesn’t matter how you got there — all that matters is making sure that you can leave healthier and happier.