Becky’s Journey: From Injury to Recovery at C4 Physical Therapy

Injuries have a way of blindsiding us when we least expect them, altering our plans and routines in an instant. Becky Farmer, CEO of Center for Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics, experienced this firsthand while completing a 60-minute full body workout at her favorite gym – Orange Theory. Becky has a passion for staying active, and she and her husband, Paul, and group of friends love to compete during workouts. On this particular day, though, Becky was working out solo when she experienced a big setback during a routine workout session. Let’s dive into Becky’s perspective on her injury and her journey to recovery with the help of C4 Physical Therapy.

Becky recounts the moment of her injury vividly,

“I was in Orange Theory class and was in the weightlifting portion of the workout. When I stepped down with my left foot off a raised platform, I felt a pop in my calf, immediately followed by excruciating pain. It was incredibly challenging to bear weight on it, and I barely limped my way to the car.”

Seeking guidance and because she was sure that surgery was in her future, Becky turned to Dr. Jason Robertson, Medical Director of CSMO Ortho Urgent Care, who provided reassurance and a recommended course of action. “I explained what happened, and Dr. Robertson knew exactly what it was – a gastrocnemius strain,” Becky recalls. “With a 99 percent certainty that it wasn’t surgical, he advised wearing a boot, undergoing physical therapy, and allowing time for rest and recovery.”

Comprehensive Recovery at C4 Sports Therapy

Having been through physical rehabilitation at C4 Sports Therapy before, Becky was no stranger to the process. She had previously worked with physical therapists Erica Butler for a hip injury and Jean Rogers for post-operative shoulder care. However, her experience with the combination of Erica and Amy Ketron, recovery specialist at C4 Physical Therapy, proved to be uniquely impactful.

“Amy and Erica worked together seamlessly as a team,” Becky reflects. “They understood the importance of tailored exercises and rehabilitation techniques.” They curated a comprehensive regimen, ensuring that Becky engaged in activities that promoted healing without exacerbating her injury. They also knew the exercises to suggest that would get Becky’s heart racing and relieve some stress. “I left feeling like I had just completed a full-body workout, without putting strain on my calf,” Becky remarks. “Amy and Erica also incorporated various techniques, including dry needling, cupping, and massage, to address my specific needs.”

Despite the initial setback, Becky’s progress was steady and encouraging. “I was in therapy for five weeks,” she notes. “By the sixth week, I was cleared to return to OT with certain restrictions.” The support and guidance she received from the team at C4 Physical Therapy propelled her towards a successful recovery.

Reflecting on her experience, Becky has a message for those considering C4 for their rehabilitation or sports performance needs.

“Regardless of age or athletic background, C4 provides a supportive environment where everyone’s goals are valued,” she emphasizes. “Whether it’s returning to competitive sports or regaining mobility for daily activities, the team at C4 is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.”

Becky’s journey exemplifies the transformative impact of personalized care and dedicated support. Through resilience and determination, she not only overcame her injury but emerged stronger and more motivated than ever before. If you’ve suffered an orthopedic injury and need support to be back to your best, call (423) 713-5639 to schedule an appointment today.

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