Celebrating a Year of Innovation: The Success of Our State-of-the-Art Ambulatory Orthopaedic Surgery Center

Exciting News!

We’re continuing to celebrate the first year in our state-of-the-art ambulatory orthopaedic surgery center, a testament to the incredible collaboration between Stryker ASC and Center for Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics.

“I think with the Center for Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Surgery, we’re continuing to grow and Stryker is too. When you can partner with someone that always wants to grow and always wants to be better, there’s so much reward,” says Amy Smith, Administrative Director, CSMO Surgery.

This facility is designed to provide top-notch care and cutting-edge treatment options, enhancing the health and well-being of our community. Here’s to innovation, excellence, and a brighter future in orthopaedic care!

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