Dr. Joshua Lawson on 3 Plus You

Joshua Lawson, MD
Fellowship Trained Total Joint Replacement Surgeon

If you’re facing a hip replacement surgery, you probably have lots of questions. Although hip replacements of the past required a long and difficult recovery, surgery today is getting a lot easier – thanks to new techniques and improved pain control methods. It’s turned from a week’s stay in the hospital to – for many patients – going home the same day and the majority staying at most one night in the hospital before getting back home.

One option for total hip replacement is the direct anterior approach, a minimally invasive surgical technique that can result in quicker recovery, less pain and a reduced risk of dislocation.

“What’s different with anterior hip replacement is the incision is made along the front and side of the thigh. We work between the muscle layers rather than working through the muscle or having to release muscle from bone,” says Dr. Lawson. “That gives us access to the hip in a less traumatic fashion, meaning patients typically have less pain, they retain more of their strength after surgery, and can meet their functional demands a bit quicker.”

There are some specific selection criteria we follow for anterior hip replacement, but the majority of patients are candidates. Those who aren’t include are those who may need a complex hip replacement like a revision, have previous hardware or some anatomic abnormalities that need to be addressed. These individuals may need the more traditional approach.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Lawson, call (423) 624-2696.

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