Dr. Mitchell on ‘3 Plus You’

Whether you spend more time on the basketball court or in your own backyard, people of all ages are at risk for a sprained ankle. Although this is a very common injury, in most cases, rolling your ankle doesn’t require surgery.

On this episode of 3 Plus You, Dr. Bradford Mitchell, fellowship trained primary care sports medicine physician, talks about common treatment options and that orthopaedic urgent care is readily available.

“To help a sprain heal quickly and properly, you need to have the right boot or bracing, and for severe sprains, even an experienced physical therapist to help you through that rehab process might be appropriate,” says Dr. Mitchell. “Our urgent care is staffed with non-operative specialists like myself who have availability to see patients the same day for most any injury or urgent issue. And if we realize it’s a bad enough ligament injury, we have foot and ankle surgeons who can provide that necessary surgical care.”

If you’ve sprained your ankle, non-surgical treatment options are available. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Mitchell, call (423) 624-2696.

Dr. Bradford Mitchell

Bradford Mitchell, M.D.
Sports Medicine
Non-Operative Orthopaedics
North Georgia Urgent Care Clinic Director

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