Dr. Kesler on ‘3 Plus You’

On this episode of 3 Plus You, Dr. Kyle Kesler, fellowship trained orthopaedic spine surgeon, talks about the importance of fellowship training, joining CSMO, and how he works with a multi-specialty spine team to take care of his patients.

“Fellowship training guides you toward a path of what you want your practice to look like, and what you want to offer to the community,” Dr. Kesler says. “From the orthopaedic perspective, we want to take care of every part of the body. I’m focused on the spine, and I now have partners who replace hips, knees, and treat elbow problems. We work together to identify the source of the pain and offer solutions to help address those issues.”

As a highly trained adult and pediatric spine surgeon, Dr. Kesler treats the full scope of spine conditions, with an emphasis on decompression, motion preservation and fusion procedures. Dr. Kesler sees patients in the Chattanooga and surrounding area from CSMO’s McCallie and Cleveland offices and performs surgery at CSMO Surgery Center and CHI Memorial.

If you’re struggling with pain originating in the back, neck, shoulders or spine, CSMO can help. To schedule an appointment with any of our specialists, call (423) 624-2696 today.

Kyle Kesler, M.D.
Adult & Pediatric Spine Surgery

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