Dr. Robert Mastey on 3 Plus You

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Dr. Robert Mastey, upper extremity specialist with CSMO, discusses thumb arthritis on the latest episode of 3 Plus You. Functioning with pain in your thumb can be very difficult, and a limited range of motion or increasing stiffness are the main factors that motivate people to seek orthopaedic care for thumb pain.

“There are several joints of the thumb, and the most common and most painful joint to experience arthritis is the CMC joint that’s located at the base of the thumb closest to the hand. The pain often begins when pinching or grabbing objects, but over time the joint can become painful even at rest,” says Dr. Mastey. “We typically begin with conservative measures like over the counter pain medications and creams, bracing and avoiding strenuous activity. When those don’t work, we can move to a steroid injection, which can provide months and up to years of relief. If all these options are unsuccessful, we look to surgery to more permanently address pain caused by thumb arthritis.”

CSMO’s comprehensive hand and elbow care experts offer personalized treatment plans – including surgical and non-surgical options such a hand therapy to reduce or eliminate pain and help restore movement. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Mastey, call (423) 624-2696.

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