CSMO Partners with HealthMe for Transparent Pricing

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Center for Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics (CSMO) has partnered with HealthMe to further support direct pay patients with transparently priced musculoskeletal care. With the goal of helping patients get the right surgical care at the right cost, CSMO becomes the first practice in Tennessee to deploy HealthMe to offer transparent prices on over 30 surgical bundles including surgeon, facility, and anesthesia fees. CSMO’s surgical offering completes a full suite of transparently priced orthopedic services offered by the practice, which now includes the spectrum of care from initial office evaluation, X-ray and MRI, and surgical procedures to post-operative care and physical therapy.

The partnership with HealthMe advances CSMO’s dedication to personalized, quality care while exceeding federal regulations for price transparency, as mandated by the No Surprises Act. CSMO is committed to assuring that direct-pay patients can access care with confidence knowing that they will never receive surprise bills. Striving to help patients become more informed and involved in the care process, CSMO leverages HealthMe’s innovative technology platform to eliminate time consuming billing and make it easy for patients to access healthcare.

“Private orthopedic practices face multiple challenges in today’s healthcare environment, and we seek to guide our private orthopedic practice members to proven solutions which can optimize care for patients and reduce the burden on staff,” commented Karen Simonton, Strategic Alliance Director at the OrthoForum, a national physician specialty organization. “Price transparency is an urgent priority on a national level, and as an organization with many of the country’s largest privately-owned orthopedic practices as members, we encourage all OrthoForum members to embrace price transparency. The CSMO partnership with HealthMe shows that compliance with price transparency requirements does not have to be complicated and puts the needs of patients at the center of these efforts.”

“Our number one priority is to serve our patients with the highest quality orthopaedic care, and we’re committed to assuring they have all the information they need about treatment to be fully engaged in their care and recovery. That begins with offering patients an upfront, fair and transparent price,” says Becky Farmer, CEO of CSMO. “Our team is continuously researching and quickly implementing the most innovative and consumer-friendly technologies – and we’ve already seen the value in providing transparent pricing to patients while streamlining the payment process for our staff.”

“Based on their commitment to practice excellence, innovation, and the consumer-focused transformation of healthcare, we’re pleased to support CSMO with our platform and provide their patients with a comprehensive menu of transparent pricing,” commented Dr. Mike Havig, HealthMe Founder and CEO. “We share CSMO’s commitment to elevating the consumer experience in healthcare and optimizing staff time to better focus on patient care and eliminating unnecessary paperwork.”

For more information about procedures and pricing for orthopaedic services at CSMO, visit sportmed.com/pricing.

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