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Todd Bell, MD
Sports Medicine
Arthroscopic Surgery

Rotator cuff disease is a condition that creates pain in the front, back or side of the shoulder and that sometimes radiates down the arm to the region just above the elbow. Most people experience these symptoms with reaching or raising their arms overhead, or they may have continuous aching pain at night while trying to sleep. In this segment of 3 Plus You, Dr. Todd Bell, fellowship trained sports medicine and traumatology surgeon who specializes in arthroscopic surgery, shares what rotator cuff disease looks like, how it differs from a torn muscle, and your options for treatment.

“Rotator cuff issues involve the four main muscles and tendons in the shoulder and can range from inflammatory problems to partial tears or full tears of the rotator cuff. Sometimes this condition gradually develops or there could be an injury or an event that leads to development of symptoms. It can also be related to overuse or doing an unusual activity excessively,” Dr. Bell shares. “Fortunately, rotator cuff disease can often be managed non-surgically and patients can get symptom relief with anti-inflammatories, rehab exercises and cortisone injections. When these conservative treatment options fail, then surgery may be necessary.”

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Bell, call (423) 624-2696.

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