Ortho Urgent Care at Center for Sports Medicine

Dr. Jason Robertson, non-operative orthopaedic specialist and medical director of CSMO’s Ortho Urgent Care – Chattanooga, talks about the importance of early intervention for sports or other acute orthopaedic injuries on the latest episode of 3 Plus You.

“Particularly with kids, I would not recommend that you ‘rub some dirt on it’ and get back out there,” says Dr. Robertson. “Growth plates are open, and kids’ bone is softer than adult bone. Sometimes rather innocuous injuries can actually be a little more complicated. So it’s always right to get things checked out – just to get an x-ray and make sure it’s not more complex than originally thought.”

CSMO’s Ortho Urgent Care offers an alternative to the emergency room for sports or other orthopaedic injuries that just can’t wait. Same-day appointments are available for patients ages five and older. Call to schedule an appointment at our McCallie, Cleveland or North Georgia Urgent Care locations at (423) 624-2696.

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