Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery – Helping You Get Back in Motion

If you’re one of the millions of Americans suffering from pain caused by arthritis or an injury to your hip or knee, and you haven’t experienced adequate relief with conservative treatment options, robotic joint replacement might be right for you.

Center for Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics is the area’s leader in surgical innovation, specializing in exciting new techniques that effectively relieve joint pain – while also mitigating the high costs of hospital-based facilities.

We are the first in the region to offer options for robotic knee and hip replacement in our state-of-the art outpatient orthopaedic surgery center. Advanced robotic technology transforms the way joint replacement surgery is performed for partial knee replacement, total knee replacement, and hip replacement procedures.

Robotic-assisted surgery requires advanced training and certification – and provides additional precision, less soft-tissue trauma, less post-operative pain and potentially quicker recovery. Many patients who have had robotic-assisted joint replacement have also experience better joint function and improved patient satisfaction.

What are the Benefits of Robotic Joint Replacement?

  • Outpatient surgery – you go home the same day!
  • Minimal trauma to the surrounding tissues
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Less pain after surgery
  • Faster recovery
  • Minimal scarring

CSMO Doctors Grebner, Spangler, Ballard, Rogers, Nash, Miller and Lawson are highly skilled, well-established joint surgery professionals in Chattanooga who have received advanced training for these technologies.  They will always thoroughly review available treatment options to help you decide the best path forward for your particular wants, needs, and circumstances.

We’re happy to talk to you about your knee or hip pain, or any other factors that will help you decide if robotic joint replacement surgery is the right option for you. Call us today to schedule with one of our joint specialists. Let us help you get you back to doing the things you love!

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